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Russell Cook & the Sweet Teeth started as a two-guitar and drums juke-joint style trio, gradually morphing into an exploratory rock quartet.  Featuring the sparkling guitar work of Scotty Knight and ace drummer Jeremy Clark, the Sweet Teeth play new songs, traditional songs, and draw from the extensive catalog of music written by Russell for the Little Country Giants.  They try to push the music to see where it will go, using songs as the structure but staying open to improvisation and playing in the moment.  Russell Cook & the Sweet Teeth use sharp-edged songwriting to open up a vein of  Americana that veers from electrified country blues to bombastic cosmic rock.

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Georgia Mushroom Festival (RC & the ST)

Magic Mushroom Music Jam , 100 Davis Road, Cave Spring, Ga

Our 5th annual Georgia Mushroom Festival is a 2-day event combining mushroom education with art, food, music and activism.
It's a time to let the worries of the week pass you by as you enjoy our educational program, our bands and experience the joy of being part of a community of like-minded people. Our weekend ticket holders have the opportunity to camp and socialize with our mushroom community, attend interesting workshops, go on mushroom walks with experts in their fields, experience good food, creative vendors and SO much more!! Day passes are available. Book early! A fun-filled weekend around mushroom education awaits YOU! Most out-of-town attendees choose to camp at our 14-acre location where our 2nd annual MAGIC MUSHROOM MUSIC JAM aka MMMJ will take place Saturday afternoon/night, but there are also a variety of lodging options available in the area through AirB&B; plus we're only 13 miles away from Rome & Cedartown.